Busbar Systems

GKW has established itself as a specialist company on the following types of busbars.



Isolated Phase Busbars (IPB)


Open Industrial Busbars



Segregated Phase Busbars (SPB)


Non-Segregated Phase Busbars (NSPB)

The company maintain a highly skilled workforce from Engineers to Fabricator Welders through to Site Installation Teams and is able to offer a range of services connected with the busbar systems and ancillary equipment.

  • Engineering Design and Project Management of new build projects.
  • Manufacture and Installation of busbar systems.
  • Modification / Refurbishment of existing busbar systems.
  • Supply of skilled and experienced labour.
  • Routine / planned maintenance.
  • Supply of spares and replacement parts.

The efficient operation of any busbar system is dependant on the integrity of the joint at interface positions. Design, manufacture and specifically the installation stage of making the joint can effect the performance of the busbars.

Although design and manufacture are important factors, the manner in which the jointing is carried out at site is of the utmost importance.
GKW personnel are highly skilled and experienced in this field and execute all jointing operations to approved and tested Procedures. Preparation of all joint faces and components, torque settings for bolted joints and testing are all controlled by written Procedures.

  • Preparation of joint faces.
  • Dimensional and alignment check.
  • Making final connections.
  • Testing and commissioning