Busbar for the electrical supply industry and for large scale HV connections is not a new concept. GKW Busway is a versatile system designed for smaller commercial premises, horizontal distribution, rising mains and feeder applications, and can bring low cost and light weight advantages of an extruded aluminium enclosure to busbar engineering. Busway is compact in size and has an inherent low impedance, which meets the requirements of customers where high current and fault handling capacities are essential.


Benefits over cables and conventional air insulated busbar systems result from the sandwich construction. Low voltage drop and the subsequent low running costs are inherent in low impedance systems. The aluminium enclosure minimises the magnetic field so that the system can be installed close to sensitive electronic apparatus without causing interference. The relatively high rating against the ingress of liquids or solids enables the system to be utilised in hostile environments. The small cross-section and careful selection of fittings enable major space savings in areas along the Busduct run and within switchboard cubicles.

The Busduct system is suitable for use on a 3-phase, 4 wire 50Hz AC supply at up to 1000V line to line, or a 2 pole DC supply at up to 1500V. Our standard range is available with aluminium or copper rectangular section conductors insulated by polyester film rated at 150oC (surpassing Class B electrical insulation requirements), for applications between 500A and 5000A in DC or single phase circuits. Whether using single or multiple conductors, Busway provides a very compact design in a weatherproof and corrosion resistant aluminium enclosure having an IP66 degree of Ingress Protection (with the Take Off systems rated at IP42). In operation the conductor temperature rise above an ambient level of 40oC does not exceed 65oC, and the efficient radiant surface of the enclosure is designed to limit the surface temperature rise to less than 55oC over ambient.


Standard GKW Busway is supplied in lengths of 3.5m, providing complete terminal to terminal applications in a wide range of industrial and commercial situations. A full range of bends, plug-in Tapping Boxes, offsets, additional internal/external earth bars and expansion joints and flange ends are available, as well as flexible connections and fixing accessories, expediting installation and reducing site costs. Simple, efficient and reliable jointing is achieved by sliding together factory prepared and protected joint surfaces and progressively tightening the attached clamping bolts to the specified torque. This fastening process ensures a joint with a very high overload capacity.