Advanced manufacturing techniques enable us to produce a huge variety of customised busbars for major projects. GKW has five decades of experience in busbar design, manufacture, installation and commissioning. As would be expected, we have highly skilled steel, copper and aluminium fabricators with a wealth of experience and knowledge in this specialty.

Experienced design engineers interact with the customers direct at the pre-contract stage to assist in achieving the best product and most efficient outcome. Invaluable experience gained over the years have enabled GKW to accurately model busbar systems to predict its performance under all service conditions which are likely to be met.

Since GKW are regularly called upon to maintain, install and commission busbar systems, field work is one of our major activities. Integrating the knowledge gained from site work into the design allows GKW to offer a total service to the customer.

Busbar Systems

Our busbar systems are available for a wide range of situations and the selection of the most appropriate systems will depend on many factors. The relationship between operating current and voltage levels will determine what busbar system is required. Our engineers are willing to discuss in detail the specification requirements to achieve the most effective system for your project.


Certified to ISO 9001 – 2015, Achilles Verify approved and with over 50 years specialised experience in dealing with all metals and alloys, GKW provides a comprehensive computer design, manufacture and installation service to all aspects of the engineering sector. We can produce a wide range of metal fabricated structures for many types of industries. We undertake projects large and small and are happy to provide quotations for specialised single products or batch orders.

Design & Management

GKW has always worked tirelessly to achieve the goals of the clients. With customer requirements being paramount, delivering a cost-effective, high-quality product to give a reliable service over many years is key to GKW. Experienced design staff interact with the customer at the pre-contract stage to assist in optimising and achieving the most efficient busbar system, be it IPB, Busduct or Busway.

Spares, Back Engineering & Parts

Busbar systems in factories and power plants can operate profitably for many years when maintained and looked after properly. GKW can provide a full catalogue of spares of our own designs and through back engineering, as well having the ability to supply bespoke and off-the-shelf spares and parts by others. We can provide spare parts in all areas of relevance from flexible connection braids and laminates, post insulators and expansion bellows to standard and bespoke fixings.

Plant Operations & Maintenance

GKW has a wealth of experience in HV installation and maintenance on-site, specialising in management and control of the HV and LV busbar equipment on power stations with a site team suited to execute the job effectively and efficiently. GKW are not only available to carry out contracted work but also to take the role of Authorised Person and cover any related duties required for the outage, having years of knowledge and time served on power stations.