Design & Management

GKW has always worked tirelessly to achieve the goals of the clients. With customer requirements being paramount, delivering a cost-effective, high-quality product to give a reliable service over many years is key to GKW. Experienced design staff interact with the customer at the pre-contract stage to assist in optimising and achieving the most efficient busbar system, be it IPB, Busduct or Busway.


Improvements in design and development is a continuous process at GKW to ensure the systems comply with the most stringent requirements in respect of both safety and reliability. Extensive testing on the products has been carried out through both in-house testing and independent type test laboratories to establish both design and mathematical models. These findings are incorporated into all IPB, Busduct, Busway and Open Busbar products.


Our ability to combine civil, electrical and mechanical engineering skills into a project is key to our worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and consistency of performance. For each contract we use our established designs to meet the specific requirements of the busbar system. CAD technology is extensively employed to ensure that the systems are both competitive and totally reliable in operation. Manufacturing equipment and production techniques are used to produce these systems, with the emphasis on stringent quality control procedures developed over many years of experience.

Busbar Type Busbar Type System Current Range Maximum Fault Level
IPB 3.6kV to 40kV AC 3000A to 23,000A 400kA RMS 1 sec, 1,000kA peak
Busduct 3.6kV to 17.5kV AC 500A to 5,000A 500A to 5,000A
Busway 220V to 1000V AC 500A to 5000A 800kA RMS 1 sec, 164kA peak
Open Busbars 240v to 400kv AC/DC 500A to 300,000A