Installation, Retro-Fits and Back Engineering Services

GKW turnkey contracts can include the installation of all types of busbars and associated support systems. We not only install our own range of IPB, Phase Segregated, Non Phase Segregated and Low Voltage Busduct systems, but also work with many other leading busbar manufacturers on large power projects in the UK and Ireland.


We have over 50 years experience as a specialist in LV, MV and HV busbar installations. We have installed busbars from most of the leading manufacturers during this time, including Siemens, Simmel, Alfa Standard and GE Systems. We pride ourselves in our on time approach to both retro fit and new installation projects.


Working in the Power Sector for many years, we understand the importance of prompt re-energisation. We can also supply and install all secondary support structures for the busbar installations and can fabricate on-site bespoke support solutions for all situations.



We carry out planned inspections to comply with the O&M procedures for a wide range of clients across the sector including Fossil, Nuclear and Hydroelectric Power Stations. GKW site inspections and maintenance schedules include:

  • Internal inspection of all bolted joints and internal painted surfaces
  • Torque setting checks of all fixings
  • Pressurisation checks of the equipment
  • High Voltage Dielectric, Insulation Resistance and continuity testing

All testing can be carried out as required in the Inspection and Testing Plan


We are able to offer various surveys, including Thermal Imaging, for most types of electrical busbar and switchgear systems. These surveys can be extremely useful for highlighting deteriorating connections as they can lead on to overheating of the system, causing damage and failure and ultimately resulting in loss of power generation. The great advantage of Thermal Imaging is that there is no need to isolate systems, reducing downtime and minimising the need for unplanned outages.


We can also offer a full back engineering service to our clients to replace those obsolete parts in any aging Power Station.